Nicole Austin-Hillery

Nicole Austin-Hillery

Executive Director of U.S. Programs at Human Rights Watch


Austin-Hillery is the executive director of U.S. programs at Human Rights Watch, an organization that investigates and reports on human rights issues across the world. In 2008, she opened the Washington, D.C., office of The Brennan Center. She served as the office’s first director and counsel and was the center’s chief representative before Congress and the executive branch. Austin-Hillery also worked as an attorney at Mehri & Skalet PLLC.

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Wednesday, Sep. 2 Wednesday, Sep. 2

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Criminal Justice Reform in the Time of COVID

Marc Levin, Nicole Austin-Hillery, Nicole Collier, James White, José Garza, Mimi Rocah , Jolie McCullough (mod.)

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